Why hire Designs By Teryl ?

Teryl integrates a background of interior design, contracting and almost 2 decades of
landscape designing, to bring together your desires and introduce new ideas to you.  
With the many years of experience, come plan packages that will surely fit your need:

The traditional plan: through meetings and presentations, Teryl will present you
with a master plan that include all hardscape , planting,  and lighting  materials in a scaled
drawing ready to go out for quotes.

A staged plan : one that is designed with every required and desired element,  but
presented in a staged form to implement over time.  Each phase is designed to make
the project look complete - NOT in a working stage.

A homeowner install plan: This is the newest plan, coming from the need of clients
to cut back on expenses.  From the beginning Teryl will design a plan that combines
simplicity of implementation without compromising the look of a professionally designed

A progressive plan: This plan is presented in areas of the yard being designated for
uses without specifics. Teryl works on-site with the homeowner and contractor
developing the details as the plan progress.
Designs By Teryl
What is a Landscape Designer?

A Landscape Designer brings a fresh approach...

Through conversation, a designer can determine your
dreams and uses for the property and bring them
together in a way that you never envisioned.

A Landscape Designer keeps the project in YOUR

Through experience and knowledge of the industry, a
designer is able to put down on paper a design that you
can afford.

A Landscape Designer is where you should begin...

By spending time developing a plan that works for you, it
leaves out the guess work with the contractors you need
to bid the project.  Everyone that sees the plan will be
comparing 'apples to apples'.
By choosing Designs by Teryl you will receive a well thought out design based on education and
experience that can save you THOUSANDS of dollars overall.
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Teryl designed our landscape 6
years ago and we just love it
more and more each year!  She
was extremely professional and
easy to work with.  She was one
of the few contractors to work
on our home who was always
punctual with our appointments
and had the work done on time.  
I've also appreciated her
answering questions I've had over
the years regarding my plants.

Mark & Tracy Barquist
I found Teryl to be very creative,
while incorporating all of my wishes
for a landscape design.  She was
also able to give me a plant design
that works well for my mountain

Carol Shetley
Lake Arrowhead